“Heaven on earth” at eXperience|8 Lagos

Image I finally went for eXperience|8 Lagos (6/12/13, 7pm till dawn).

I tried making myself comfortable, probably because the thousands-capacity arena was rapidly filling up with people, young people. The arena even spilled out to an overflow on the cricket pitch and who knows where else.

I had believed start time to be 7pm, from what I saw of the awareness promotions on billboards, e.t.c. The programme however took off at some minutes to 8pm. But before this, super audio-visual re-runs of clips from previous years or maybe last year’s eXperience, were shot in glamorous fashion through the not-less-than-ten large screens strategically positioned ahead from where I was seated. These re-runs were exciting, and kept the crowd busy.

The feeling I was experiencing during the programme wasn’t as it was three years ago when I first and last attended the programme. I’m hoping it’s not Ecclesiastes 12:1 taking place.

Another difference I sensed,  in comparison with the  programme of three years ago in which I was in attendance, was that Don Moen got older, as well as in voice ( it differed from what I heard three years ago). God bless him; we’ll forever love him.

The highlights of this year’s programme for me included the ministrations of Cece Winans (her voice is still heavenly) ; Don Moen (always loved) ; Donnie McKurklin (his voice is still unaltered) ; one guy whom  it seems is well known for his “Heaven and earth” song ; I guessed this from the reaction of the crowd when he was about rendering that song; then Frank Edwards: the crowd was already in love with him; he helped matters by also rendering a recent general favourite, “Mmamma” ; Yolanda Adams’ first rendition wasn’t popular;  I and a handful  of others however reacted in recognition of her second rendition with title of probably, “Victory”. I loved and responded positively to her selfless and biblical short prayer she said immeditely after her final rendition. She and Cece looked lovely that night.